The Importance of Parenting Plans

A sound parenting plan is perhaps the most important document in a divorce or paternity case.  Here the lines of communication between you and your children are spelled out. The responsibility for the children’s education, health care, and social development is established between you and your spouse and timesharing is established.

Focusing on Children and Child Support

A parenting plan must be developed based on the best interest of the children and can be modified or changed as the need arises given the ages and needs of the children. A parenting plan not only establishes timesharing with your children but also determines the children’s child support. Talk with us concerning Parenting Plan and all areas of divorce, marital, and family law. At the Law Office of James T. Keenan, we understand your individual situation and needs. We are experienced and promise to handle your family law case professionally and aggressively. We get results. Call (904) 359-9060 to schedule a consultation.

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