Considering an Appeal to Divorce?

Judges are human and will sometimes make a mistake so you do not receive the result you deserve. If you are considering an appeal in relation to divorce, child custody, child support or the valuation of your property you must act quickly because the appellate filing deadlines are unforgiving.

Appealing Child Custody, Child Support, or Property Evaluation in Florida

The focus of a family law appeal is the legal error made by the court during your trial or hearing.  Your notice of appeal must be filed within 30 days of the judge’s order or your right to appeal a judge’s ruling is lost.

Positioning Your Case

Talk with us about questions concerning your Appeal and all areas of marital and family law.  At the Law Office of James T. Keenan, we understand your individual situation and needs. We are experienced and promise to handle your family law case professionally and aggressively.  We get results. Call (904) 359-9060 to setup an initial consultation.

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