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When you are faced with a pending divorce or other family law matter we understand that it can be a frightening, stressful and uncertain time in your life. It is our goal to help you through this difficult time by providing experienced, professional and aggressive Jacksonville divorce representation. Jacksonville Divorce attorney James T. Keenan focuses on finding optimal solutions for you and your family as you navigate your legal options. With over 20 years of experience, we have a sound knowledge and understanding of the family law cases and procedure issues that should be addressed by an attorney with a wealth of experience. We are dedicated to representing your interest in matters ranging from a simplified uncontested divorce to issues involving complex litigation. In addition to the civilian members of our community, we regularly represent military members, federal employees, railroad employees and state, county and city employees.

Over 20 Years of Family Law Experience

We understand that a divorce can affect your future income and livelihood. Family issues can become a burden affecting our relationships with friends, co-workers, and other family members. We know these are trying times and treat our clients and client-families with the care and thoughtfulness deserved in trying times. Our firm is committed to professionalism and we are dedicated to handling your case economically, efficiently, and without any unnecessary court appearances. We are always prepared when it comes to representing you at a hearing, mediation or trial. Separation raises a series of complex challenges and obstacles ranging in scope from emotional challenges to financial challenges. We are fully committed to helping you adjust to your current changes as well as the challenges you and your family will face moving forward. We will protect your interest. Ending a marriage is always a difficult, trying process with many questions to resolve. Where will the children live? How will I support myself? Will I have to pay alimony? How will we divide our property?

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If you have come to the decision that the love and trust is gone in your marriage and divorce is inevitable, you need to proceed with caution so as to protect your children and yourself. Our goal is to help you through this difficult time, protect your children and you and help you deal with the stress and uncertainty of separation.

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