Parent Relocation Laws

If you are divorced and have custody of the children, Florida law requires that you obtain the permission of your former spouse before you can relocate more than 50 miles from your current place of residence. The relocation must be for the best interest of the children. If your former spouse approves the relocation you may relocate. This is also true for paternity cases where timesharing has been awarded.

In the event that your former spouse refuses to allow the relocation, you must obtain permission from the court to relocate. Should you elect to relocate without following Florida law you could be held in contempt of court or even lose custody of your children.

Moving Out Of Florida With The Children

If you are an involved parent and your former spouse wishes to relocate with the children you can object to the relocation of the children based upon their best interest. You have the right to have time with your children and to share in their lives. Should you fail to act in time or fail to follow the proper procedure you can lose the right to object to the relocation in court.

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