Modifying Divorce Agreements

Establishing a parent’s child support obligation is an important part of a divorce case or a paternity case. However, as a parent’s income changes (up or down) or as the needs of the child change it may necessary to modify the parent’s child support obligation. A modification may be brought by either parent and the modification can be retroactive back to the date of the filing for the modification.

The modification process involves filing the required documents with the court and updating your financial information so that child support can be recalculated in light of your new circumstances.

Modification of Child Custody

In every family law case, whether it be a divorce or a paternity action, the children are the most important aspect of the case. Sometimes after the custody arrangements have been made it may be necessary to modify those arrangements. In modifying custody the court will always look to the best interest of the children and the change in circumstance that has brought about the reason for the modification.

When Is Child Custody Modification Necessary?

Should you feel your child is in danger, the victim of abuse, failing in school or has feelings of insecurity because of the actions of the custodial parent, a change in the timesharing arrangement may be necessary to protect the best interest of the child.

The process involves filing the required documents with the court which states the change in circumstance and why a change in custody is in the best interest of the child.

Modification of Alimony in Florida

Alimony can be modified depending upon a former spouse’s change in circumstance, the receiving spouse’s need, the other spouse’s ability to pay alimony and the type of alimony awarded. The alimony laws have recently changed and most types of alimony can be modified (up, down or terminated) depending upon the circumstances of the spouses. You can rely on an experienced family law attorney to help keep up to date on any changes.

Determining Alimony: Rehabilitative, Durational, and/or Permanent

The purpose of an alimony award is to help the receiving spouse maintain the standard acquired during the marriage or to assist the receiving spouse in preparing for the workforce or to return to the workforce. As the parties’ financial circumstances change over time a modification may be warranted based upon the changes. Whether the alimony awarded is rehabilitative, durational or permanent a modification may be possible under the right circumstances.

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