Choose A Family Law Attorney You Can Trust

Facing a family law matter without any legal representation is a risky decision. Unless you have extensive experience in what you are about to encounter, you will likely go through your matter blind. Thankfully, an experienced family law attorney can guide you through your problem.

Here at Law Office of James T. Keenan, we have been serving Florida families for more than 25 years. Over these decades, we have committed ourselves to bring our clients to the best possible outcome in their family law matters. We want to see our clients succeed in their goals as much as they do, and we have the experience necessary to help them.

What We Can Do For You

Part of what may keep people from hiring an attorney is the fear that they will not benefit much from a lawyer’s representation. We want to be sure that you are getting the most from our services, which is why we look for every opportunity to help you with:

  • Child support and alimony
  • Property division
  • Custody and visitation
  • Divorce
  • Enforcements and modifications
  • Relocation
  • Parent and grandparent rights

While multiple clients may come to us with the same family law need, we know that each of them has a unique situation in their legal problem. We take the time to truly listen to your needs and create a custom strategy that best suits those needs.

Legal Representation That Is Ready For Anything

Whether you are looking to settle your matters through litigation or negotiation, we can help you. We treat our clients like family, and we are just as committed to your goals as you are.

You can schedule your free initial consultation by calling us at 904-901-4692 or emailing us here. Set up your no-risk consultation at our Jacksonville office to discuss how we can help protect your best interests today.