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Divorce is difficult, but divorce for a military family can be more difficult because both Florida law and Federal law are involved. These laws are designed to protect military members and their families while they are serving our country.

The United States Military and Department of Defense are important parts of our law practice and we proudly represent service members, both active duty and retired, and their families.

A Family Law Firm That Understands SCAR & USFSPA

We understand and can advise you on The Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act (SCAR) which is designed to protect service members in any branch of the military against default judgments in divorce cases and in paternity cases. We also can advise you on The Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA) which is a Federal law that allows Florida courts to treat military retirement pay as an asset that would apply to Florida divorce law.

Our lawyer can help you understand and can advise you on the Full Benefits (20/20/20 Rule) and the Transitional Benefits (20/20/15 Rule) and how these benefits can impact your life. We understand and can advise you on how Florida’s alimony and child support can impact your life.

We understand and can advise you on Florida’s custody and timesharing laws and the special provision under Florida law which deals with custody and military service members who are deployed in defense of our country.

Talk with us concerning your military divorce, whether you are active duty at NAS JAX, retired or a dependent. At the Law Office of James T. Keenan, we understand your individual situation and divorce needs. We are experienced and promise to handle your family law case professionally and aggressively. We get results. Call 904-901-4692 to schedule a consultation at our Jacksonville office.