Settling A Divorce Without The Conflict

Divorces often have a terrible reputation as an ugly, messy fight between two spouses as they end their marriage. While a marriage can end like this, couples can also choose to cooperate and pursue a collaborative divorce. A collaborative divorce is a divorce that involves both spouses working to avoid courtrooms and conflict as much as possible.

Here at Law Office of James T. Keenan, our Florida attorney has been helping the community with their collaborative law needs for more than 25 years. We recognize the advantages of working together through a divorce, and we want to do our best to help you benefit from those advantages.

Patient And Dedicated Negotiation

Talking things out is a crucial component of a collaborative divorce. Issues like child support and alimony, property division, and custody and visitation rights can quickly turn even the friendliest couple toward bitter arguments. We help both parties stay focused on what is essential as we work to avoid any unnecessary conflicts.

While couples may not agree on everything in a divorce, the more they can agree on outside of a courtroom, the less they need to bring before a judge. This method of resolving a divorce allows everyone to save time and money while giving them more control over how to handle their disputes and negotiate for a result that everyone can be happy with.

Keep Things Civil In Your Divorce

Part of the attorney-client agreement in collaborative law is that the attorneys and spouses agree that if they can’t reach an agreement, they have to hire new attorneys when they go to court. This agreement is what helps us stay focused on settling things before they go to court. Not every divorce has to turn toward bitter and drawn-out legal battles. You can rely on our attorney’s decades of experience in negotiation and mediation to help you reach an agreeable resolution to your divorce with little conflict or delay.

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