Enforcement Of Child Support

Florida law requires that parents support the financial needs of their children and should a parent fail to pay his or her court-ordered child support obligation they may have to answer to the court. The person to whom the child support is owed may ask the court to hold the other party in contempt of court, bring current his or her child support obligation and pay any child support arrangements. The person to whom the support is owed may also request of the court that the person who owes the child support obligation pay all attorney’s fees and costs associated with bringing this action.

Jacksonville child support enforcement attorney

If you owe child support and it has not been paid you may be held in contempt of court. In some cases, the judge could sentence you to a jail term of up to 179 days. If your failure to pay child was not willful you may want to consider a modification of child support. Additionally, your failure to pay child support can affect your credit history.

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